22062017 TeatroLibero 354Founded in 1995 by actor and theatre director Corrado d'Elia, Teatri Possibili is an association, a large artistic community, an aggregative movement whose purpose is the production and dissemination of art, the management of events and festivals, the education of both artists and a new audience.

It is a lively, stimulating and open reality, a place where we learn and improve ourselves by sharing passions and objectives, fully experiencing art in all its forms and facets, as professionals or in our spare time.

Over 1000 people every year live, foster and take part, as members, in the debates, the classes, the staging of live shows and the organisation of cultural projects, and in the day-to-day life of the association in general.

Culture, learning, growth as individuals, as artists, and as people sharing relationships with one another, the well-being both of the single and of the whole community: these are the pillars of our action.

Our activity is based on the key principles of associations: involvement, democracy and sharing, with the best professionals working to teach and coordinate classes and working groups.

One of the main purposes of our association is therefore to improve our knowledge and consequently our voice and our personal action in society. This is a real home for Art and Culture, a place full of recreational activities and events (often offered to members free of charge), most of them based on theatrical training with insights on cinema, theatre direction, communication, photography, writing, singing, theatre-counseling and psycho-physical well-being.

Our intense focus on education makes our reality something precious and unique in its kind, a special place to live and share emotions.

Read the full text of our Ethical Policy Statement here 
Read the full text of our Statute here  

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